Advanced Processing Technology Research Center (APT) in Beihang University has been concentrating on vibro-machining research for more than 20 years. We have developed many advanced vibro-machining systems, which includes vibration aided milling machine, vibration aided drilling machine, vibration aided tapping machine, vibration aided lathe, vibro-machining accessories and robots. Today, vibro-machining technology in APT is aiming to specialization, standardization, and industrialization.


Bionic and Micro/Nano/Bio Manufacturing Technology Research Center (4OM Center) Opened up a new field of Bio-machining in 1996. We have proposed a series of bio-aided machining schemes varying from bio-removing forming, bio-limited forming, bio-replicated forming, bio-jointed forming, bio-growing forming to Bio-self-assembled Forming, and published many original path-breaking papers. Bio-machining has become a new branch of manufacturing technology, which is more and more practical, systematic, and institutionalized.


With the development concept of ”°People First, Project Oriented, Best Technology, Top-level Research”±, APT and 4OM center are extensively training multidisciplinary talents, making solid progress in university-industry cooperation, dedicated to develop top-level manufacturing technology and discover initiative manufacturing science. With an emphasis on aeronautic and astronautic engineering, technologies developed by APT and 4OM center will continue making great contributions to the national society and economy.


Advanced Processing Technology Research Center

Bionic and Micro/Nano/Bio Manufacturing Technology Research Center